Evening Programme and Carnival

Evening Programme

During the day, scouts enjoy engaging in various activities, typically having a great deal of fun in the process. When evening descends, however, they don’t stop having fun. On the contrary. Scouts pass their evenings singing songs and enjoying the campfire, playing popular games, inviting their neighbours over for a vibrant visit, threading thematic events,  going to a group evenings, or dancing at discos. The Jamboree evening programme will be varied and diverse as befits a scouting event.


Scouts are renowned hosts, as well as exemplary guests, as we shall see on Saturday of the Jamboree, when the attending contingents will introduce themseleves, and acquaint us with their home countries.  No doubt, everyone will put their best foot forward to make a favourable impression. The general public will be invited to visit the Jamboree on this day, to gain some insight into the joys of scouting. So, put your thinking caps on, and discover how your contingent may best impress new, old, older, and not least future scouts.  Who knows? Maybe we’ll get an early start, put on our dancing hiking boots, and show off some good early morning dance steps. Yes, who indeed? In any case, this promises to be a tremendously enjoyable day.

Eðvald Einar Stefánsson
Eðvald Einar Stefánsson