Caving & Bathing

The tour

Add ons - The Cave People

An adventurous visit to the 9,000 year old, 364 m. long lava tube Gjábakkahellir. The cave is quite rocky and you will have to walk, crawl and climb. The tour finishes at the Fontana Geothermal Baths, where you can enjoy the sauna, the pool and a dip in the lake.
Good hiking boots and gloves are recommended.
Helmets and lights are included.

Note: This tour is not suitable for those with claustrophobia or limited mobility.


Can you imagine living in a cave? Join us on a guided tour in the Caves, Laugarvatnshellar, and their surroundings where a family lived in, only 100 years ago. Listen to the story of the family while exploring the cave.