Terms & Conditions

 1. Age limits

1.1.    Age limits for participants
Young people aged between 10 and 18 years are eligible to take part in the
Landsmot skata.

1.2.  Age limit for IST
Individuals aged 18 and above wishing to take part in the Landsmot skata can
register to be members of the International Service Team (IST).

2.    Fees

2.1.  Fees
The fee for participants/leaders is 55.000 ISK and for IST 40.000 ISK.

2.2. Remittance of fee
Fees must be remitted to the following bank account:

Owner of Account: Skatamot ehf
Address: Hraunbaer 123, 110 Reykjavik, Iceland

Account Number: 0528-26-001567
Social Security Number: 630514-0610
Bank: Islandsbanki
Bank address: Sudurlandsbraut 14, 108 Reykjavik, Iceland

Please note the following when conducting
bank transfers:

Each transfer must include both the name of your Scout Group and a reference to
its purpose  (for example “deposit for
100 persons”)

Please inform the Landmot skata Office of every transfer you make, including
the date it was sent, the bank from which it was sent, any reference
information included, and the amount you intend the Landsmot skata to receive.

The amount credited to your group will be the net of any bank charges applied
by your bank AND the Landsmot bank upon receipt of the transfer.

When following the payment schedule, please ensure that you allow enough time
for bank transfers to be credited to the Landsmot skata account according to
the dates shown.

All payments must be made in ISK. If you have any problems please contact the

3.    Payment Schedule
The final payment must be received in full for all registered contingent
members before 1st of May 2021.

4.   Refund policy

4.1.    Refund
Fees paid, excluding the confirmation fee, 11.000 ISK, can be refunded. 
Any fees incurred will either be deducted
from the refund or paid by the contingent requesting it. 

         By cancellation
3 months before the Jamboree starts we will refund everything except the
confirmation fee of 11.000 ISK

         By cancellation
2 months before the Jamboree starts we will refund 50% of the Jamboree fee

         By cancellation
30 days before the Jamboree starts we will refund 25% of the Jamboree fee

         By cancellation
within 30 days before the Jamboree starts no refund will be given.

Please note that refunds will be in the form of credit against future payments,
rather than a cash refund – unless no future payments are due, contact the

The Landsmot skata Organization may cancel the event due to compelling reasons.
In the event of the Landsmot skata being cancelled due to circumstances beyond
the organizers control (e.g. acts of terrorism, natural disasters, acts of war,
etc.), the Landsmot skata organization will not refund any fees. 

Cancellation following arrival
The Landsmot skata fee will not be refunded should the event be cancelled after
the 14th of July 2021, regardless of the reason.

5.    What the Landsmot skata fee covers

5.1.  Fee for participants
The fee for participants includes:
*All camp-site fees from the day of the opening ceremony to the day of the
closing ceremony.
* The Landsmot skata Program
* All meals for the duration of the Landsmot skata from dinner on the 14th
of July through lunch on the 20th of July for those still on-site.
* A Landsmot skata participation pack, including a neckerchief, badge and a

5.2. Fee for IST
The fee for members of International Service Team (IST) includes:
* Briefing and training (including role specific training) prior to the arrival
of participants.
* All meals for the duration of the Landsmot skata, from dinner on the 12th
of July to lunch on 22nd of July.
* A program of activities for when off duty, a neckerchief, badge and a

6.    Registration process

6.1.    Sending Personal
Each contingent must submit personal information relating to its members in
designated forms, which will have been distributed by 16th of March
2021. Any changes to important information made after 30th of April
2021 will be subject to surcharges.

6.2. Permission of Participation
Permission of Participation will be granted by the Landsmot skata Organization
only when all necessary procedures, including payment of the full fee, have been
completed by the contingent. Any paperwork, including Visa invitation, will
only processed after such procedures are completed.

7.    Healthcare

7.1.  Scope of the
Healthcare provided
Participants of the Landsmot skata will have access to the events own medical
facilities from the time of the opening ceremony to the closing ceremony. Note,
however, that pre-existing conditions are excluded.

7.2. Services provided
Medical facilities at the Landsmot skata site are merely provisional facilities
focusing on first aid and prehospital care. Any further treatment required will
be provided at local medical facilities. The Landsmot skata fee does not cover
clinical examination and /or treatment (e.g. suspected fractures, treatment
requiring hospitalization, etc.) and each individual is responsible for any
expenses incurred by such treatment and/or hospitalization. Therefore, everyone
attending the Landsmot skata is required to obtain insurance to cover such an
eventuality, and it is the responsibility of the Head of Contingent to ensure
such insurance has been obtained.

7.3. Travel insurance
It is recommended that you obtain appropriate insurance cover, such as a travel
insurances for the period prior to arrival at the start of the Landsmot skata
and until after the finish of the event, in addition to the medical insurance
described in article 8.2.

7.4. Pre-existing
Those with pre-existing medical conditions should make special arrangements to
be able to pay for any treatment related to such conditions.

7.5. Repatriation
The Landsmot skata medical arrangements are based on providing treatment in
Iceland and do not include repatriation, whether for medical or other reasons.
It is recommended you obtain your own insurance to cover such an eventuality.

8.    Rules

8.1.  Landsmot skata
The Landsmot skata Organization will set regulations separately for all the
people attending the event. These regulations will be summarized and published
as a Code of Conduct.

8.2. Local laws
The Landsmot skata takes place in Iceland and local law will apply.  By Icelandic law, the legal age of adulthood
is 18, for smoking it is also 18 and for alcohol consumption it is 20. Please note alcohol is not allowed during
the Landsmot skata.

8.3. Penalties
Anyone in breach of the Landsmot skata regulations described in section 9.1 or
of local laws may be evicted from the Landsmot skata site. Anyone – including
guests and visitors – behaving in a manner considered dangerous, which causes
offence to others, or is otherwise inappropriate in the context of a Landsmot
skata, will be evicted  from the Landsmot
skata site and will not be eligible to any refund of fees.

The Landsmot skata Organization reserves the right to exclude any group or
individual from the Landsmot skata site and, whenever appropriate, the Head of
Contingent will be involved in such a decision. Any expenses arising from the
exclusion or eviction of such groups or individuals will be the responsibility
of the individuals involved, and complaints or requests for compensation will
not be considered.

9.    Privacy Policy

9.1.  Collection and
management of personal information
In order to successfully organize and execute the Landsmot skata, the
Organization must gather and retain certain personal data relating to attendees.

9.2. Agreement
By registering personal information, such as name and date of birth, the
individual explicitly consents to the retention of the personal data for
purposes pertaining to the organization and execution of the Landsmot skata.
Registration also implies explicit agreement with this Privacy Policy as well
as with the Terms and Conditions of the Landsmot skata.

9.3. Presumption of
If you enter data on behalf of others (proxy), it is assumed that you will have
obtained their consent for the Landsmot skata to retain their personal data.
The Landsmot skata Organization assumes that a proxy will have received
explicit, prior agreement from the individual concerned. The proxy is
responsible for the agreement of this individual.

Use of personal information
Any personal information retained will not be shared with any third parties,
except where necessary for the planning and execution of the Landsmot skata.

9.5. Talent release
By registering for the Landsmot skata, you consent to any media footage (e.g.
video, photographs, audio) taken at the Landsmot skata, and in which you may
feature, to be used by the Icelandic Boy and Girl Scout Association, as well as
its licensees or assignees, for all advertising, publicity, and/or editorial
purposes, for commercial and/or non-commercial purposes, for worldwide distribution
in perpetuity.

10. By-laws

From time to time, the Terms and Conditions for the Landsmot skata may be
updated. The most recent version will always apply. Please contact the Landsmot
skata Office for any necessary clarification.

In the event of a conflict arising out of the interpretation of these Terms and
Conditions, the English text shall prevail.

In any conflict relating to these Terms and Conditions, Icelandic law shall
apply, and the Reykjavik District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction in
any disputes.