International service team – IST

Basic info

Meeting point and time: IST meeting, at 13:00 on the 15th of July, at Úlfljótsvatn camp site.

Departure from campsite: 26th of July at 13:00 from Úlfljótsvatn campsite.

Fee: €275

Working conditions and job allocation: All IST’s will be placed in an IST patrol. Jobs and work schedules will be allocated at the first IST meeting, 13:00 on the 15th of July. The average working day is 8 hours.

How to get there?

There is no public bus that goes directly to Úlfljótsvatn (Jamboree camp site).

Bus will leave at 12:00 on July 15th from Reykjavík to Úlfljótsvatn

Bus from Úlfljótsvatn will leave at 13:00 on July 26th to Reykjavík

Price: 2.500 ISK one way

It is also possible to rent a car and drive there yourself or finally, you can participate in the IST trip

To book the IST trip or transport to and from the Jamboree camp site, equipments and daytours – click here