World of Scouting 

It’s pretty much back to basics at World of Scouting, where the emphasis will be on the traditional Scouting values which have been with us since the very beginning of our movement. The projects on offer here will be in the spirit of Robert Baden-Powell himself, so you’d better be resourceful and quick witted when you get to World of Scouting.

Magnús Daníel Karlsson
Magnús Daníel Karlsson
Sveinlaug Ísleifsdóttir
Sveinlaug Ísleifsdóttir
Here you will learn at least 6-8 knots, which every scout should know.
Knowledge of some difficult knots may be useful, whether for practical reasons or just for fun. Here, an expert will teach you 4-6 more complex knots.
We all have fun decorating. Do you dream of having a Christmas tree decorated with scouting knots? Here, you will tie knots such as the monkey-fist from scratch, although it’s your choice whether or not you use them to decorate your Christmas tree.
Your group will work together building a bridge from one side of a river to the other. This is a great activity if you don’t want to get your shoes wet.
Here, the patrol will construct a “chariot”, drawn by human muscle power, and which, with a few minor alterations, can be converted to serve as a makeshift casualty transport. Wooden poles, spars, and lashing skills will feature prominently in this activity – If that’s not classic scouting, what is?
Here you will learn to make your own camping equipment. You can then use what you learn to construct your own camp furniture.
No one is older than he or she wants to be. Here, you will learn 4-6 games to suit all ages, and which are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.
Do you trust your group? Are you an effective team? Here, you will need to rely on your fellow scouts, and everyone will need to work together for the adventures that lie ahead.
Here you will learn first aid skills which you can use in case of emergency.
Learn how to cook without electricity. You can do a lot more than just boil water for noodle soup. Here, you will learn to use a portable stove to cook something really tasty.