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Outdoor Activities at Úlfljótsvatn

Úlfljótsvatn offers numerous possibilities for outdoor activities, as well as wonderful opportunities for enjoying nature. No one should leave Úlfljótsvatn without having taken a good hike, along with a map, GPS device, and compass. At the Jamboree, everyone should be able to find something to suit their tastes. You will be able to choose from short hikes, reasonably long ones suited to the average Joe, as well as longer, more challenging ones for the especially energetic and adventurous among you. Enjoy the wonderful surroundings of Úlfljótsvatn, take a few good walks, and make memories to last a lifetime.

Hulda Rós Helgadóttir
Hulda Rós Helgadóttir
The walk to Ljósafossvirkjun is fun and is suitable for everyone. At Ljósafossvirkjun you will find an exhibition worth visiting.
Úlfljótsvatnsfjall is a hill adjacent to Úlfljótsvatn, which you should definitely try to climb, to enjoy the view.
The hike to Búrfell is an enjoyable hike, where you can find your own adventurous way or simply follow the marked path. At the top you will find a lake amidst beautiful scenery, and of course a great view.
This hike around Úlfljótsvatnsfjall is classical. We are talking about great hike that is suitable for everyone. You will walk the path that is linked to the Jamboree site inextricably
This is a hike through the surroundings of the Jamboree site. Nearby, you can discover special places, which are easy to reach, but where you may enjoy scenery you may not have seen before.
This is a good hike for experienced hikers.
On this hike around Úlfljótsvatn. you will stay overnight at the north end of the lake. This is a hike of which you will have great memories later.
Cycle to Laugarvatnshellir (cave) and stay there for the night. This is a great trip, through beautiful landscape.