International service team – IST

Why should you become an IST?

Being an IST is a special experience for every scout and guide. Going to a camp in different country means getting to know different kind of activities, different kind of preparations and working, altogether, different culture. But most importantly, it means getting to know a lot of new people from different parts of the world and having great time.

At the Icelandic jamboree the group of IST is relatively small, when you compare it to bigger camps, with approximately only 60 IST’s. This gives an unique opportunity to really get to know the other IST’s and become a member of this great team, the IST group.

We, the organizers of the camp, think it is really important that everyone has a good experience, no matter what role you play at the jamboree. That means also the IST’s and we believe that the number of IST’s that come again and again shows that being an IST at the Icelandic international Jamboree is a great experience.

We hope you will be the next member of this exclusive club!