Winter projects

Are you ready for the Great Expedition?

Preparation is everything when setting out on a great adventure, such as the InterNational Jamboree, so we have prepared a few projects to help patrols prepare for the adventure.

These projects have been organized according to the various theme worlds on offer at the Jamboree. There are three projects from each theme from which to choose, and your patrol must complete them as a team. You must take photographs upon completion of your projects, which you should then send to the Jamboree organizing committee. Photographs should be accompanied by the names of the patrol members, as well as a short description of the project. Let us know what about it surprised you and what was fun.

Patrols who submit a completed project for every submission date will receive an embroidered patch in recognition during the Jamboree. You must complete at least one project from each theme world of the Jamboree programme. In addition, three patrols who have successfully completed will be randomly selected to receive a prize from the Scout Shop (Skátabúðin).

Photos and project summaries should be sent to:

Projects will be made available on January 21st.

Submission deadlines: February 15th, March 14th, April 11th, May 9th, May 30th.

Water World

  1. Fishing trip
    • Your patrol must organize a fishing trip to the next lake or harbour. Don’t forget a fishing rod, tackle, and bait, and it might be fun to try and construct your own fishing rod.
  1. Model rafts
    • Your patrol must build some model rafts. Use your imagination and try various materials for their construction.
  1. Swimming trip
    • Teamwork is a very important part of scouting. Here, your patrol will go swimming together, and must swim a total of 1.5 km. The patrol must work together to achieve this goal. The swim may be completed freestyle, and it might be fun to try new styles. Obviously, you do not need to take photographs during this activity; upon completion will suffice.

Scouting World

  1. Cooking on a portable stove
    • Knowing how to use a portable stove is a useful skill when camping. Meals can be simple or complex, depending on your level of hunger (and skill). Here, your patrol must cook a meal together, so this is your chance to perfect that noodle soup.
  1. Light a campfire
    • Making a campfire can be complicated, since there is a lot to keep in mind. Here, your patrol must work together to build a campfire. Make sure you follow all relevant health & safety rules.
  1. Lashing
    • Building things with wooden poles can spice up your camp considerably, and a few sturdy constructions could be a source of pride for you patrol at the Jamboree. Here is your chance to practice your lashing skills, and to visualize what the gateway to your camp will look like at the Jamboree.

Viking World

  1. Viking dress
    • How did the Vikings dress? Your patrol must work together to discover the answer to this question, and dress one or two members up as Vikings. Take a photograph of your patrol’s Vikings in surroundings suitable to such warriors.
  1. Sword and shield
    • All real Vikings need a sword and shield. To prepare for Viking World at the Jamboree, it may be a good idea to own such items already. Your patrol must work together to make a sword and shield for each its members.
  1. Torch making
    • During Viking times, access to electricity was far from today’s standards. Instead, fire was used to light and heat dwellings. Here, your patrol must make torches with which to light up the night.

Wonder World

  1. Pyramids
    • Egypt is known for the Pyramids. Do you know how many there are? After your patrol has discovered the answer, you will have the chance to build your own pyramid. The patrol must form a pyramid from its members. Just don’t forget to have someone on hand to take the photograph.
  1. Water game
    • Turning on the tap to fill a water bottle is easy, but suppose you needed to fill a liter bottle using only a tablespoon. Some trial and error may be necessary when trying to complete this project, and teamwork and patience are paramount. Your patrol must fill a liter water bottle, using only a tablespoon. Furthermore, the bottle must be at least 10 m away from the nearest tap.
  1. Birdwatching
    • Birdwatching is part of observing nature. It is also an outdoor activity, a hobby, as well as an interest. You can watch birds almost anywhere and anytime, without must effort. Your patrol must find three species of birds in your area, and photograph them. Then identify which species you found.

Travel World

  1. Mountaineering
    • There’s nothing quite like fresh mountain air. Your patrol must organize a mountain climb or hill walk in your area. Upon reaching the top, you must take an interesting photograph of the whole patrol.
  1. Bus trip
    • All scouts should be environmentally friendly, and when travelling, should always consider their local environment. Travelling by bus is an enjoyable way of transport, which can end with an adventure. Your patrol must examine the bus schedule, and take a bus trip.
  1. The Patrol’s Home Town
    • Your patrol must explore your own hometown, visiting exciting places and performing various good deeds along the way. There is a variety of good deeds you could perform, such as picking up litter or helping to shovel snow.
Árný Björnsdóttir
Árný Björnsdóttir