World of Vikings

The Icelandic Vikings have long been known for their fine handicrafts as well as for their savage battles. At World of Vikings, you will have the chance to look into the past, and answer the call of whatever Viking blood you may have. If you like ancient martial arts, such as archery or swordsmanship, this will be your opportunity to shine. If, on the other hand, you like nothing better than creating fine works of art from wood or leather, there will be plenty of that as well.

Claus Hermann Magnússon
Claus Hermann Magnússon
Who doesn’t enjoy whittling wood? Here, you can make your own pen, scout Knot or just give your imagination free rein. You will also learn how to handle knifes and axes safely.
Forging was an almost daily activity for the Vikings. Here you can try it for yourself on a smaller scale, and make Viking jewellery, plates, or utensils.
Vikings wore mainly woolen clothing. Here, the plan is to make Viking clothing using felted and coloured wool. If you have the time, you may also be able to make a phone wallet, purse or some other item for everyday use.
Leather was one of the most popular materials with which to work during the Viking period. Here, you will have the opportunity to work with leather in a fun way, and you will go home with at least one necklace or bracelet.
Everyone needs to eat, and so did the Vikings. Here, we will learn to cook the Viking way. You will bake bread in a pot, grill fish on skewers, and more.