World of wonder

At World of wonder you will find a variety of weird and wonderful posts, offering a diverse array of challenges. It’s safe to say that these posts will prove both exciting as well as fun, and will be well worth a visit. You may get the chance to try a game of giant Twister, super billiards, or bubbleball.

We’re off on an expedition …

Hrafnhildur Sigurðardóttir
Hrafnhildur Sigurðardóttir
Have you ever dreamed of being a professional football player? This is your chance to line up your team for a game of human foosball. This will be the game of the year.
Football is a fun sport, but it’s so much more fun when players are encased in a huge bubbles. Unlike normal football, where pushing other players is generally frowned upon, you are encouraged to do so here.
Is there a scientist in your group? Do you enjoy doing scientific experiments? Here, you can!
Have you ever wondered how they make the simulated wounds and injuries you see in the movies? Do you want to try to your hand at it yourself? Here you will learn how to apply makeup to realistically simulate injuries.
Is your balance OK? Do you know how to climb? Come and show us what you can do. Will your group beat the current record?
Did you ever have a push car rally when you were younger? If so, this is the perfect activity for you, but we are going to do it with real cars. Your group will tackle several projects and have to complete several tracks.
Have you ever played Twister? How about giant twister? This activity will challenge your group’s flexibility, agility, and perseverance. Yellow, red, green …
Robin Hood had excellent archery skills. Would you like to have those skills as well? You don’t have to look like Robin to do well, just come and try.
Do you like games? In this activity you can try your hand at supersized games. Can your group handle giant dice? Can you play the role of the tokens in a game of Ludo?
Regular marbles and billiards have shifted in size here. Come and try supersized marbles and supersized billiards.