Icelandic National Jamboree 2024

The Icelandic National Jamboree - Landsmót skáta - will be held at Úlfljótsvatn the 12th-19th of July 2024

We are so excited to welcome you all to Landsmót skáta 2024! The Jamboree will be held in Úlfljótsvatn, which is a magical place in the Southwest of Iceland, where scouts and guides from Iceland and the world will come together and experience the power of Icelandic nature, the midnight sun and the scout and guide spirit. 

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How to participate

International participants

Young scouts and guides, aged 10-18 years old are eligible to take part as participants in the Icelandic National Jamboree.  Participation fee is 449€ per participant. International groups need to have leaders in charge of the group that are 18 years old and over. Participants and leaders need to belong to WOSM/WAGGGS. 


If you are 18 years old and older you can participate as an IST (International Service Staff). The dates for IST are 10th-21st of July, so it’s a bit longer to help us sett everything up, get the right training you need and make everything ready for the jamboree! Participant fee is 449€ per IST. IST members need to belong to WOSM/WAGGGS.

Family Camp

If you want to join us with your family we have a family camp where you can set up your tent with your family, explore our campsite, take part in some of the activities and meet other people! 


We ask the contingent leader to fill out the registration for their group.

  • Registration deposit is 150€ per participant.
  • 2nd installment is due by Nov 15 150€ per participant.
  • Final contingent fee due by Feb 15 149€ per participant.

(This fee does not include transportation, airfare or insurance)

If you have questions about the registration and deposit contact:
Kolbrún Ósk

Note: After you register we will send you a link to the payment. 

What’s included:

  • Food
  • Activities and program troughout the jamboree
  • Necker and a badge
  • Campsite fees
Wha’ts not included:
  • Equipment (tents, sleeping bags, kitchen utensils, etc.)
  • Transportation
  • Airfare
  • Insurance


Scouts and guides who are at least 18 years of age at the start of the jamboree are welcome to join our International Service Team (IST).  IST work alongside the organisers to deliver any tasks necessary to make the Jamboree run, ensuing it is the best experience for the young people while also getting the change to get to know our scouts center and get to know more scouts and guides from all over!  As an IST you are also required on site from the 10th-21st of July. 

The Scout Centre

Úlfljótsvatn is a very scenic Scout centre, located one and a half hour from Keflavík international airport. Úlfljótsvatn has been the “home away from home” for Icelandic Scouts for over 80 years. Being the national Scout Center, it has been the site for numerous international, national and local jamborees throughout the years. Úlfljótsvatn was also the main site for Roverway in 2009, and more recently the World Scout Moot in 2017.

Why Iceland?

  • Repeatedly scoring as the safest country in the world (Source)
  • A rich history, involving vikings and volcanoes (Source)
  • Easily reachable from many major cities in Europe and North America (See list here)
  • If you prefer, you can take the ferry from Denmark (See here)
  • Whole country was (allegedly) created BY Instagram (Source)
  • For more reasons, click here.

Theme: Different Worlds

„A long time ago there was a big scientific discovery where we found out that our world, as we know it, wasn’t the only world to exist. We discovered that different worlds are around us and are inhabited by a beautiful variety of people. With time and increased knowledge, we were able to open portals that allowed everyone to travel between worlds and get to know one another. 

Every world has its own distinctive feature and specific characteristics which can be seen reflected in its people. They have their own strengths and possess certain abilities that are connected to the characteristics of their world.“

„Since then, time has passed, scout groups have developed, and life has taken its usual course.

All of a sudden, scout groups across all worlds, start getting the feeling that they need to go on an expedition. They don’t know where this expedition will take them, but they feel compelled to follow the feeling and set off from their world, equipped for what is coming!“